“Visually striking is an understatement…”

– Craig Fahle, WDET


“It gracefully underscores the symbiotic relationship between the art and black life (and dreams).”

– Ernest Hardy, Mandatory


Colored Frames is a short and sweet primer on a criminally under-discussed section of the art world.”

– Daryl Loomis, DVD Verdict


“The film offers a rich selection of the artists’ output, and the depth and scope of imagination and talent on display is staggering.”

– Film Threat


“It is a history lesson, it is social commentary, it is a revelation and it is consciousness-raising.”

– Sebastian Derry, Educational Media Reviews Online


“A startlingly impressive collection of art work by African American artists is interwoven with the memories of artists who experienced discrimination throughout their lives and their careers…”

– Bob Etier, Technorati/Examiner